My name is Petra and my husband and I have lived 'the expat life' for many years in London, Aberdeen and Cairo. I am the proud mother of a daughter and a son: Fenna and David.

During our time in Egypt, I switched career and became a self-taught illustrator and graphic designer. Years later, when we had moved back to the Netherlands, I studied at the Graphic Design School in Rotterdam. The first mayor project I designed was the Friendship Book for kids on the move. Many expat children around the world have already received a copy; it's a perfect keepsake for third culture kids. You will find the Friendship Book in this shop, amongst other unique gifts for expats and their families.

Whether you are an expat yourself, a relative, an employee working for an international organisation, a teacher at an international school or if you are just looking for a special expat gift, you will find something that suits a global nomad!

A question or a special request? Please feel free to contact me at or go to my contact page. Feedback will also be very much appreciated!

Have a creative day!